Kubota is Phil’s Grounds Keeping Dream Machine

Phil Parker is a bloke that understands that a business is only as good as the machinery that drives it.

That’s why when he came in to Airpower Darwin and had a chat with Sean, Kubota Sales Manager, about his business requirements, he walked out with the ultimate grounds keeper’s dream machine, the Kubota ZG222 zero-turn mower.

Phil and his favourite colleague, Kubota ZG222

Phil and his favourite colleague, Kubota ZG222

Phil operates a small business specialising in grounds maintenance for rural private properties and small commercial customers. During the Top End’s wet season, the demand for Phil’s renowned high-quality services explodes, and for approximately four months of the year he tackles native grasses, weeds and unruly lawns throughout the Cox Peninsula region.

Over the past 7 years, Phil has used a variety of different mowers to carry out his private and commercial jobs. Up until recently, to cover the wide variation in mowing area and terrain he maintained, Phil was switching between three different pieces of machinery to get the right finish for the task at hand. Constantly changing over equipment created large down-times and even larger overheads for Phil’s business, with maintenance costs hitting him hard in the hip pocket. This was a killer for Phil’s cash-flow, particularly because his main source of revenue was limited only to a few months of the wet season.

With the recent need to replace one of his outdated ride-on mowers, Phil chose to upgrade to a Kubota ZG222. When speaking to Sean about his requirements, Phil commented that it offered ‘the best selection of qualities I need in a mower, particularly for my “high end” work’.

Since purchasing the ZG222, Phil has ceased using all his other machinery, as he found that the Kubota can handle all this grounds maintenance needs, from a fine finish on a manicured lawn to the rougher end of the large rural properties he takes care of.

Phil has been impressed with the power and reliability of the petrol engine, saying ‘I have yet to stall the engine… even working in thick wet grass.’ The ZG222’s mower deck, which was always the weak point of other ride on mowers Phil has used, has proven to be robust to the point he describes it as ‘bulletproof’. With a 6-inch depth and 48-inch width, the ZG222’s deck easily disperses cuttings so you experience less blockage, fewer stoppages and get more efficiency from your work day.

The best part is; Phil is saving approximately 30% of mowing time on most properties than when he was using a commercial-sized zero-turn mower from a competing brand, due to the high ground speeds, versatility and althletic manouverability of the Kubota zero-turn range.

‘In short; I’m saving mowing… and maintenance time and getting a better finish first pass – I am very happy with that!’ says Phil.

Head in to see Sean at Airpower Darwin or Deane at Airpower Alice Springs to check out the Kubota agricultural equipment range, including the powerful and reliable zero-turn mowers.

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