Isuzu Gets Tickled Pink

Iconic washroom sanitary company, Pink Hygiene, is taking washroom cleanliness to a higher level supported by a highly visible fleet of standout pink Isuzu trucks.

Operating Australia-wide, Pink Hygiene was established in the early 1970s and now employs over 600 people to manage, market and maintain hygiene solutions.

The company is recognised for its state-of-the-art products, touch-free range of washroom solutions and trained, friendly technicians.

Pink Hygiene Director of Operations, John Keogh, said its Isuzu fleet, which is 83-strong, is a great way to showcase its prominent ‘pink’ branding on the road as well as on the job.

“We offer comprehensive tailored solutions for washroom and workplace areas, and our Isuzu trucks are service vehicles used to deliver these solutions,” John said.

Isuzu Gets Tickled Pink

Isuzu Gets Tickled Pink

The fleet comprises 33 NPR 200s as well as 41 other older models such as the NKR 200.

Both models have a gross vehicle mass of 4,500 kilograms and can be driven on a standard car licence.

With the help of Prestige Trucks located in Melbourne, all trucks are fitted with delightfully pink van bodies.

Taking pride in its innovative ideas, Pink Hygiene offers a ‘No Touch’ range which has been designed with the washroom user in mind to provide a hygienic touch-free answer. This means that customers can avoid washroom surfaces commonly touched by other visitors.

Perfectly suited for premium hotels, restaurants, health clubs and offices, the No Touch range includes products such as soap dispensers, sanitary disposal bins, and paper towel dispensers as well as a stylish ready-to-use washroom collection.

To ensure that a safe and hygienic environment is provided for staff and visitors, the company also provides clinical waste disposal units for needles and medical waste, plus special units for cigarette butts.

The Pink fleet includes lighter models in the Isuzu range

The Pink fleet includes lighter models in the Isuzu range

In order to meet client demand, 60 per cent of the trucks are based in regional areas so reliability is high on the vehicle selection criteria list.

The trucks are state-based and are expected to perform in rain, hail, shine and in some cases, snow.

According to John, Isuzu Dealership locations have also been a deciding factor for Pink Hygiene’s fleet acquisition decisions.

“It is a great peace of mind for us knowing that Isuzu has service centres in small country towns like Orange and Albury when service is required at the last minute,” he said.

With around $4 million invested in new trucks, it’s no surprise that Pink Hygiene needs and expects reliable and efficient vehicles.

As for performance, the responsiveness of the Isuzu trucks has been the most talked about feature amongst the drivers, especially when it comes to having more control on the road.

Isuzu's reliability is everything when operating in remote and rural areas

Isuzu’s reliability is everything when operating in remote and rural areas

John said the NPR 200 cab layout is really functional and the added reversing cameras are great for tight parking spots.

“The accessories range available from Isuzu makes operating the vehicle just that little bit easier and provides extra protection for our drivers as well as the trucks,” John said.

For ease of use and convenience, Pink Hygiene has opted to specify its newest trucks with Isuzu’s smooth shifting Automated Manual transmission (AMT).

“We always go for the six speed AMT models as they make driving around built up areas and busy traffic a breeze, especially if we have back to back jobs,” John said.

“The Isuzu trucks are so popular that there is always a vocal discussion on who deserves to drive the newest fleet addition first!”

Isuzu has been a favourite truck brand of Pink Hygiene since the company started.

“We have had some other brands in the past, but the Isuzu trucks have come out on top.”

“With new services in development, we are looking at different types of Isuzu vehicles to add to our fleet,” John said.

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