ISUZU N And F Series Upgrades Target Safety And Comfort


Light and medium duty truck buyers have even more reasons to purchase Isuzu’s market-leading N and F Series following enhancements that bring new levels of safety, driver comfort and entertainment features to the iconic nameplates.

As part of the range upgrade, Isuzu has also introduced three new model variants to the line-up: the passenger car license NLR 200 AMT Tipper, the NPR 400 Tipper – both feature ready-to-work tipping bodies – and the NPR 400 Crew.

These new additions mean that the N Series now has Crew and Tipper variants available across most of the range, and bring the total number of models available to 58.


A distinguishing external feature of the new N and F Series ranges are cornering lamps, which have been fitted for added safety to all models (except FSS and FTS 4x4s).

These are located in the same position as the indicator repeater lamp on the side of the cab doors on N Series along with FRR to FSR F Series models; the taller cab design of FTR to FV models instead sees the cornering lamps installed in the cab step.

The cornering lamps are ideal when turning into tight streets and driveways at night – the headlights continue to illuminate to the front, while an additional beam of light flows from the cornering lamps casting light into the turning area once the turn indicators are activated.

With the increasingly stringent OH&S requirements in many corporate and government fleets, the addition of an SRS passenger airbag in the F Series (except for four-wheel-drive and CNG FSR models) ensures that Isuzu remains a leader in safety.

Other safety improvements include the adoption of rear disc brakes to the NLR medium wheelbase and all NNR models for even better braking performance.

Another minor but important safety enhancement across the N Series range is the standard fitment of a cab tilt warning lamp, to alert the operator if the cabin is not properly secured after being tilted.


Cornering Lamp

Driver comfort

All new NPR, NQR and NPS standard cab models are now fitted with Isuzu’s driver suspension seat which has previously only been available in Premium models.

The ISRI 6860 driver’s suspension seat remains standard across all F Series models.

Isuzu has further added to the N and F Series’ car-like list of driver appointments with the introduction of a Digital Audio Visual Entertainment unit with DAB+.

The DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) – or digital radio – allows access to a much wider choice of stations and scrolling text to provide an information summary of the music or program the driver may be listening to.

The added benefit of the DAB is that there is no need to tune-in to stations or change frequency to keep listening to your favourite stations, the radio automatically seeks and latches onto the strongest signal.

The main visible change is a much bigger 6.1 inch (15.3cm) touch screen providing full on-screen menus, menu scrolling by finger drag and gyro motion sensor for DVD control. The number of physical buttons has also been reduced to just four, with the entire major functions now controlled from the touch screen.

As well as incorporating digital radio, the new multimedia unit can now record music directly to the internal solid state hard disk drive for future playback and can display up to four cameras – many of the system’s functions can also be controlled using voice recognition.

The unit retains key features of the earlier system including Bluetooth, iPod and MP3 compatibility, USB inputs and front jack and steering wheel remote control option.

Satellite navigation is available as an optional extra and comes with three years of mapping updates upon purchase.

A telematics option will shortly be made available for the system providing fleet customers with the ability to more closely track driver route progress and general driving characteristics, amongst many other features.


Digital Audio Visual Entertainment unit with DAB+

General upgrades

In other upgrades, NNR and NPR 200 models benefit from an extra gear, going from five to six speed in the manual transmission to match the existing six-speed automated manual transmission.

To better accommodate fitment of specialised bodies and the growing trend for increased use of associated electrical equipment, an 80A alternator has been commonised across the range.

Another notable change across the light and medium duty range is the addition of a CAN connector which comes with a CANBOX standard on F Series.

This device allows truck body builders to read the CAN in European FMS standard format and better integrate their control systems with the truck. It also eliminates the need to cut the wiring to find signals for information such as engine speed, park brake on and transmission neutral.

Capping off the upgrades and lifting visual interior appeal for N Series is a revised matt chrome finish to door handles, power window toggles and meter rings around the speedo and tacho.

All Isuzu N and F Series models (aside from CNG variants) continue to be powered by the proven SiTEC Series III EuroV (EEV)-compliant engines.


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