2013 Kubota Nerves of Steel Super Challenge Winners

Congratulations to Phillip Whilliment (first place), Kohan Fox (second place) and Stephen Waters (third place), who were the winners in the NT Nerves of Steel Super Challenge.

Kubota Challenge 2013 1st Place_low
Phillip Whilliment, 1st Place Winner
and Jimmy Holder, Airpower NT

Phillip, Kohan and Stephen demonstrated their remarkable hand/eye coordination behind the controls of a range of Kubota mini-excavators, and took away cash prizes after completing the course of obstacles without any spills, tears or fears in the three fastest times for the region. Especially Phillip who has shown his advanced skills by winning twice in 2012 and 2013.

Kubota Challenge 2013 2nd Place_low
Kohan Fox (left) accepts his prize money
following his 2nd place win in the NT

Phillip Whilliment, the first place winner will represent the Northern Territory and compete in the ultimate Nerves of Steel Showdown on 16 August in Melbourne. He will also enjoy a footy finals experience in Melbourne.

Territorians, give him support!!

Kubota Challenge 2013 3rd Place_low
3rd place winner Stephen Waters
accepts prize money from Airpower Darwin’s
Kubota Sales Representative Jimmy Holder
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