Affordable Truck Engine and Cab Replacements Are Available at Airpower

isuzu-offers-affordable-truck-engine-and-cab-replacements-vjzmwavaWhether it’s panel replacement that’s required as a result of an accident or a high kilometre powerplant needing an overhaul, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has a large stock of engines and cabs available offering affordable replacement solutions.

According to IAL National Parts Manager, John Plunkett, replacing larger items like cabs and engines can often be a worthy alternative to undergoing full workshop repairs, in terms of the trucks time off the road.

“It can be cost effective to replace an engine or cab rather than do time consuming physical repairs.

“Opting for a full replacement of your cab or engine is going to save you time in most cases and get your truck back on the road and earning money.

“It can be a genuine alternative that perhaps many customers may not have considered,” Mr. Plunkett said.

When replacing an engine or cab through Isuzu, customers also gain the peace of mind of knowing the vehicle has been fitted with genuine parts manufactured to Isuzu’s exacting specifications as well as being backed by the factory warranty.

IAL pricing is highly competitive, and with approximately 150 engines and 80 cabs stored at the company’s Brisbane and Melbourne parts warehouses, availability is strong and delivery timely.

“Most people would be pleasantly surprised at the reasonable cost of purchasing a replacement engine or cab from Isuzu,” Mr. Plunkett said.

Contact Airpower parts team on 08 8939 0230 to find out more.

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