ISUZU’S FY Model Won ‘Truck of the show’ at Melbourne ITTES


Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL) newly released FYJ 2000 8×4 Auto, with optimised specification to suit agitator applications, has received the nod from a panel of industry experts after being awarded ‘Truck of the Show’ at the 2014 Melbourne International Truck Trailer and Equipment Show (ITTES).

While models in the existing FY twin steer axle line-up have already proved popular, and have been taken up in encouraging numbers by concreting fleets in cities and regional areas, some customers had some more specific requirements which IAL has now fulfilled.

The optimised FYJ 2000 8×4 Auto features a shortened wheelbase (713 mm shorter than the existing Medium wheelbase FYJ 2000), which when combined with careful re-arrangement of chassis-mounted components such as air tanks and batteries, offers users a significant tare weight reduction.

The smaller platform aids manoeuvrability with the new model boasting a calculated turning circle of under 17.5 m, greatly aiding its use in high-density urban conditions.

Also assisting weight reduction are lightweight Alcoa alloy wheels and specially selected Yokohama tyres in the ubiquitous 11R22.5 size favoured in agitator applications.

The fuel tank for the model has been reviewed and made more compact, as urban-type environments and the back-to-base nature of agitator works means the larger 400 litre tanks are not required.

The concrete industry requirement to avoid stirring up dust on building sites was met by fitting a vertical exhaust stack, using mainly existing Isuzu parts from other models.  While this added a little weight, the FYJ’s simple Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) exhaust system could be modified quite easily, when compared with the strictly controlled SCR or particulate filter systems on competitor trucks.  

The enhanced FYJ 2000 8×4 impressed trade and public attendees alike at the recent Melbourne International, Truck, Trailer and Show (ITTES), picking up the ‘Truck of the Show’ award.  The Isuzu FYJ truck on display has “ticked all of the boxes” in its demonstrated innovation in responding to specific industry needs,” according to the judging panel.

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