New Clutch Boosters and Batteries to Isuzu BVP Range


Isuzu recently released a new range of clutch boosters and batteries to add to its Best Value Parts (BVP) range, offering great value for money and designed specifically with older trucks in mind.

Covering a vast range of older truck models, the universal BVP clutch boosters are manufactured to ensure reliability and durability, maintaining Isuzu’s high quality standards.

Clutch boosters are designed to convert the stamp-down force on the clutch pedal into corresponding hydraulic pressure, reducing the effort required to engage and disengage the clutch continually in high-density traffic.

After purchasing a clutch, buying a BVP clutch booster will offer an affordable, quality solution to help reduce driver fatigue.

With prices starting from just $235, there are five BVP clutch boosters available to suit a wide range of truck models from 1996 to 2009.

Also released into the BVP range are three new batteries available in NS70, NS70L and N70ZZ versions, which cover a multitude of Isuzu and other model applications.

Isuzu’s BVP batteries have a low maintenance design, reliable starting power and provide owners of older model vehicles a cost-effective, quality battery option.

Best Value Parts are available exclusively through authorised Isuzu dealers, and can be fitted by highly-trained Isuzu technicians.

The current BVP range includes starter motors, alternators, batteries, clutch kits and suspension components, with plans ahead for continued expansion.

Ask for more details at Airpower Darwin and Alice Springs.

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