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After being launched in April this year at the Melbourne International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show, this technology has been welcomed by the transport industry with open arms.

Telematics is the result of incredible vision and commitment to the potential of this remarkable innovation, which Isuzu believes is not merely an accessory, but is destined to become an integral component of the modern truck.

With this in mind, Isuzu has developed a product that allows for future developments to be easily installed, so Telematics will remain relevant for many years to come.

Isuzu believes there are exciting times ahead for this industry-leading product.

What exactly is Isuzu Telematics?

Telematics offers transport companies a comprehensive fleet utilisation package which is benchmarked against existing products. The comprehensive real time data necessary to do this is acquired through the extensive tracking and monitoring capabilities. For example, its satellite GPS offers 24/7 vehicle-tracking, journey playback and arrival notification, which can be accessed – as it is happening – from any internet-enabled device in the world. Tracking data will result in significant improvements in operational efficiency, with access to information such as fuel economy, driver braking and acceleration habits, and speed-limit adherence. In particular, this information can be used to analyse driver behaviour and promote improvements. Also, the data will allow for easy reconciliation of running costs, general fleet efficiency, and easy maintenance and service-scheduling. Driver safety is also catered for, thanks to a driver-assistance button, theft-alert, and soon-to-be released two-way driver messaging component.

Why invest in Isuzu Telematics?

Isuzu Telematics has been released in two formats, ‘Isuzu Connect’ and ‘Isuzu Connect Plus’. The ‘Plus’ edition has all the standard features of Isuzu Connect, but also enables monitoring and management of truck mechanical efficiency and more extensive driver safety monitoring. Truck mechanical performance feedback is achieved through data collection related to engine management, specifically fuel consumption, clutch activation and engine idle time. For additional safety, Isuzu ‘Connect Plus’ provides such additional features as a panic button, collision alert, tilt sensor and door-open monitor. Optimising the results of Telematics reporting will provide operators with the information necessary to increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption and overall operational costs. This technology also provides operators with the ability to monitor driver behaviour, promote safe practices and ensure adherence to transport regulations. Through Isuzu Connect Plus, operators are able to make use of more specific information related to truck performance, such as in-depth engine performance monitoring and vehicle diagnostics.

Telematics in the transport industry

Isuzu Telematics is across the full spectrum of the road transport industry, and offers major productivity and safety improvements. These outcomes will become more and more essential, due to the need for properly informed management of the increasing requirements of road freight. For example, large combinations and B-triples will not have access without widespread use of Telematics, due to the roll-out of the Infrastructure Access Program (IAP). Telematics will also help with compliance now and into the future, as regulations continue to both shape and adapt to changes within the industry.

What does this mean for transport companies?

Isuzu Telematics represents the dawn of a new era for the transport industry, thanks to its capacity to enable the truly connected truck. Gone are the days when battle-hardened truckies travelled the highways and byways all on their own; Isuzu Telematics opens the door for highly interconnected transport operations. In essence, Isuzu Telematics allows for greater communication between service and fleet managers, dispatchers and drivers. Data is automatically and continuously shared in real-time, providing information on the movements of both truck and driver to all concerned parties. Isuzu Telematics uses advanced networks, comprising GPS, GSM, servers, sensors, Google maps and more, providing a platform for a greater synergy to develop between truck, driver and operations staff.

What Isuzu Telematics means for the service manager

Decision-making will be greatly enhanced, thanks to fast access to information related to truck health, which extends to automatic service reminders. The service manager receives real-time distance of every truck, which helps the manager to evaluate overall performance and identify any issues.

What Isuzu Telematics means for the fleet manager

The fleet manager receives the entire fleet’s day-to-day running information, which is connected with the manager via the finance department. This information allows for easy reconciliation of total fuel use for each truck and comparisons with fuel card records. Also, Telematics measures truck use, trips and efficiency.

What Isuzu Telematics means for the driver

Without question, Isuzu Telematics will help make better drivers of all in the fleet. Given they are provided with useful information based on real driving performance, even the most seasoned driver can improve their driving skills. Enhanced safety features will be well-received by drivers, while greater communication with dispatch and managers will help avoid any misunderstandings.

What does the future hold for Isuzu Telematics?

Already in development and due to be released are Driver ID (through unique, 4-digit pin), convenient two-way messaging system, as well as an electronic work diary (EWD). Record-keeping is mandatory for drivers travelling longer distances from home base, therefore an EWD will help to record the work and rest declarations of the driver, while providing records for official review. The fact that this information can be reviewed at any time is expected to provide drivers with strong motivation to comply with the relevant regulations. This results in enhanced driver safety and well-being through greater compliance, while also helping to reduce mistakes and administration requirements.

If you would like to find out more about Isuzu Telematics, call into Airpower today for a demonstration.

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