Travel from Batchelor to Alice Springs (1,424.5km) with one tank!?

isuzu-mu-x-3Can you imagine once you fill up your fuel tank on an Isuzu Ute MU-S 4×2 LS-M at Batchelor that you can drive all the way down to Alice Springs without stopping to refuel?

This year Isuzu Ute put the MU-X 4×2 LS-M to the test, Bruce Garland & Harry Suzuki travelled out west of Queensland to see if the MU-X would hold its own & secure its place in the renowned Isuzu Max Run Challenge hall of fame. To no surprise it proved itself as a fuel efficient champion travelling an amazing 1424.7km’s on one tank of Caltex diesel, this works out to be 4.6L/100KM*!

Professional drivers Bruce Garland and Harry Suzuki ensured that the automatic Isuzu MU-X 4×2 LS-M was ready for the hard challenge ahead. The MU-X was fully serviced before the challenge, externally polished to reduce wind resistance, tyre pressures increased to minimise friction, air conditioning switched off, plus Caltex Vortex Diesel and premium oils were used for optimum engine performance. No additional modifications were made or parts removed from the MU-X. The chosen route was generally low traffic areas and where safe to do so the MU-X travelled slower than posted speed limits.

If you want to try to drive down to Alice Springs on one tank, don’t forget those preparations above. Otherwise you might conk out in the middle of desert. For more tips on how to save fuel, please click here.

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