5 Reasons to Get Your Truck Serviced Every 6 Months


Some people might wonder why they need to have a truck serviced so often; however, there are many reasons for it.

Extend vehicles’ life
No one would want to buy a new truck and then buy a new one again within a short period because the old one doesn’t work. As much as it is important to choose a reliable truck, it is crucial for the vehicle to be well maintained if you are willing to drive it longer. For example, engine oil loses its effectiveness over time so it needs to be replaced regularly. Also, to extend the life of tyres, they should be checked and inflated to correct pressure. Checking out steering and suspension components is crucial as well in order to extend a vehicles’ life.

Northern Territory road environment
Driving a truck in the Northern Territory could be a challenge since the weather can be quite extreme and the road conditions could vary from sealed roads to gravel and dirt roads. This unique environment in the Northern Territory can deteriorate vehicles. For example, excessive water is often found from where water shouldn’t go such as in an engine during the wet season.

Save money
To keep the vehicle running and have the engine running well, the engine oil and any fluid has to be changed regularly. Lubricants prevent all moving parts from unnecessary wear and tear. If they are not checked regularly, they can get very thin and the engine oil will start getting old and turn into sludge. Once it happens you will need to spend much more on replacing parts including the engine, than when you get a regular service. Also, a well maintained engine will help you save on fuel as it uses less fuel and produces less emission.

Safety issue
If the parts of the vehicle such as the brakes or the engine get to the point where they are not working properly, the driver of the vehicle would have to take a serious risk because the vehicle could breakdown in the middle of nowhere. This will endanger not only the vehicle broken-down but also other vehicles on the road. Some things you might think not critical can cause a serious accident. For example, loose belts can cause engine failure and damage. Also, lights must be frequently checked and adjusted for legal and safe operation.

Resale value
Regular servicing, documented in your Log Book proves your vehicle is roadworthy; therefore, it would enhance the resale value of your vehicle.

Isuzu truck offers service agreements to prevent you from unexpected spending. The cost of this servicing is spread over the term with one fixed monthly fee. You can choose from a fixed-price Scheduled Services Plan through to a Total Repair and Maintenance Plan, where a standard monthly fee will cover everything from your scheduled maintenance all the way to brake and clutch replacement as well as total engine overhaul. Contact the Airpower Service team on 8939 0240 for further details.

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