Isuzu Genset Gives Power to Leading Mining Company

The mining industry is one of the key players in the Australian economy and comprises around 35 per cent of Australia’s exports.

Isuzu understands that hard-working engines are needed in the industry in order to cater for a myriad of mining support tasks. This has seen a leading Western Australian miner turn to Isuzu to fill a special niche. 

The company purchased an Isuzu 30 kVA Generator Set (Genset) to power its mobile workshop which includes a lunch crib room as well as a hydraulic cylinder repair area, fitted inside a large trailer.

Outside view of innovative mobile workshop trailer

Outside view of innovative mobile workshop trailer


Due to the weight of the 46 foot trailer, the truck body is pulled by an Isuzu Gigamax EXY 510.

Brent Howard, Major Motors Mining Sales Consultant, says the Genset is a perfect fit for the company’s highly specialised trailer.

“The mining company needed something that was strong and reliable and the Isuzu Gensets are at the top of the product range,” Brent said.

The innovative trailer took 28 weeks to build by Shepparton Motor Bodies and Major Motors in Perth.


Trailer features plenty of storage and bench space

Trailer features plenty of storage and bench space


The truck and trailer combination was recently exhibited at the 2012 Construction and Machinery Expo in Perth, and gained a lot of attention.

Amazingly, prior to acquiring the trailer, workers were using converted shipping containers.

According to Brent, the client is extremely pleased with the Genset’s silencer and rain cap which is a standard inclusion and makes the engine very quiet.

“For even greater noise reduction, we added a Hospital Silent pack feature which is an exhaust system that allows the generator to operate at full revolutions without being above the decibel reading required, which in turn makes it a quieter machine,” Brent said.

“This feature allows operators to do their work without ear protection.”


The quiet design creates a safer work environment for employees

The quiet design creates a safer work environment for employees


As a true representation of power, Isuzu’s Genset engines are the number one choice for extreme applications with over 60,000 units sold in Australia since their introduction.

Other standard features of the Genset include a radiator with core guard and fan shroud, a Donaldson air cleaner, an oil sump plug, WEG generator with 3000 RPM application, Datakom electronic controller with remote start capability, auto shut down protection and battery box.

Brent says that the end product has been well-received by its users since it commenced work in early May.

“The truck and trailer combination has proved to be quite popular and everyone wants to have a look and give it a test run,” he said.

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