Darwin to Alice Springs on One Tank of Diesel

d-max one tankThere is a great news for territorians who want to own a fuel-efficient vehicle. Can you believe if you can go from Darwin to Alice Springs with only one tank of fuel? It happened to Isuzu D-MAX Ute.

It was a long, hard road. But the D-MAX got there and has taken out the 2013 MAX RUN CHALLENGE with a record breaking 1697.3km on one tank. This year, rally legends Bruce Garland and Harry Suzuki drove a 4×2 LS Automatic ute from Goondiwindi in Queensland to Red Cliffs in Victoria on a single 76 litre tank. In the ultimate test of fuel economy, they achieved what no other automatic D-MAX has done before. This test of endurance was an unusual change of pace for Bruce and Harry, who are used to hammering through the desert at over 200km/h!

Call for Airpower Alice Springs. You too can experience legendary fuel efficiency. Just take the Isuzu D-MAX for a test drive today.

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