Isuzu Introduces New Daytime Running Light Kits

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One cost-effective way for Isuzu truck owners to heighten the on-road presence of their vehicle is through the simple installation of Isuzu Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), now available as a kit at dealerships nationwide.

In addition to the safety benefits for the driver and road-users, the DRLs can also help the truck stand out from the crowd – and there’s nothing wrong with driving a head-turning Isuzu truck.

Once the exclusive domain of high end passenger cars, DRLs are designed as a forward-facing warning signal to enhance visibility for vehicles coming the other way during the day.

The growing popularity of DRLs suggest the safety benefits are clear to many in the industry.

In fact, experts at the recent ComVec (Commercial Vehicle Engineering Conference) in Brisbane said the occurrences of daytime crashes could be dramatically reduced, or at least mitigated, due to DRLs.

They believe DRLs have many safety advantages over traditional low-beam head lamps, because they light up the front and sides of a vehicle, with minimum glare for oncoming vehicles.

As an added benefit, the Isuzu DRLs also feature an integrated fog light with on/off switch.

The Isuzu DRLs fit comfortably into the pre-existing area on bumper bars of many N and F Series models and can be promptly installed at the dealership.

The kits are priced from $497. Contact Airpower parts team for details.

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